Gentle Mindfulness

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

Gentle Mindfulness
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I take this moment, in the stillness of the morning, and breathe deeply, feeling the life of me right here and now.  I am centered in the One Loving Source, rooted in the Divine, filled with the Spirit even as I breathe in and out.  I am in alignment with the I AM.  There is no separation. 

In this space, I affirm for myself a continued knowing throughout the day, to not go down the rabbit-hole of details and conditions and to-do lists and traffic and phone calls, and on and on…I stay in a place of gentle mindfulness all day as I happen to move through my day, whatever happens to be planned.  I release the busy-bee mindset and relax into the flow, doing what is mine to do with ease and grace. I am filled with contentment. I am enough.  This is enough. 

And I am grateful. Grateful for it all, all the parts and pieces that come together to be me and my life.  I know it is all the Divine expressing in my life and that I am blessed with such bounty.  I appreciate being able to surrender into this beautiful state of peace and calm.

So I release this prayer of tranquility and flow into the Law, knowing that I already am in the flow–as the flow now.  And so it is.