Gently Pause and Know

Tilia Giron, RScP

Gently Pause and Know
by Tilia Giron, RScP

Be gentle with yourself this day. Look about. See the sights. Take in the sun. Smile. Feel the joy.

And in that pause know the grandeur and the magnificence that is you.

You are unlike any other being on this planet or in any universe. You are designed to be just exactly who you are — with all of the features and gifts you may or may not see. You are designed for all this and so much more.

It is divinely mine, yours, ours to create that ‘so much more’ in the way our grand beings choose through alignment with Divine Source. Vast tremendous power resides at the center of our very beings and in every individual cell and space within us, for withIn that space, that cell, is Divinity Itself: Brilliant, Golden, and Exultant!

May we absolutely know this truth of ourselves deep within the heart of us as we go about today.
Magnificent and perfect exactly as we are – even in our imperfectedness, no need to rush or tremble or grasp or clutch.

May we gently pause and know, smile, and be content with who we are – –
in charge of our lives through the Divine gifts and power lovingly placed at the center of our beloved and Grand-in-Spirit beings.

I declare for us all this day a day of indisputable accepted knowingness of the power of the truth of who we are, Divine Essence, as we pause in the spaces to create, fulfill and enjoy our lives in the absolute fullness that is ours!

I am grateful for knowing this truth, this light within of The Ultra Magnificent Divine. Aware that there is Truth independent of my word, it is also my knowing of the truth that acts upon Word to bring it into fulfillment, I, therefore, not only know, I declare my word as spoken here. I release it and call it done!