Get up and Go Light a Candle

Get Up and Go Light a Candle
by Christine Duvall, RSP

The condition is the build-up of war machinery and war exercises on the Ukraine border and the global troop involvement. To my understanding, we have a sister church in Ukraine. I am wondering how you are handling this in spirit. I had an experience last week that I describe in the prayer poem below. I share it with you in the hopes you will join me in closing the portal of war and opening the portal of peace.

Get Up and Go Light a Candle

And the Lord said to me,
            Get up and go light a candle.
And I said to the Lord,
            But it’s so cold in the other room.
And again, the Lord spoke,
            Get up and go light a candle.
And again, I demurred
            It’s quite warm and cozy here in bed
            And I drifted off to sleep.
And again, the Lord awakened me,
            If life depended on it

Would you get up and hold the light with me?

And I arose and lit the rose scented pillar of our Lady of Guadalupe

I sang to the light and blessed it and sent it forth through the continent and the sea
Close the portal of war, of mischief, of fear,
Open the portal of diplomacy, of love, of faith.

And I said,
            It’s been an hour, is that long enough?
And the Lord said,
            You can’t stay with me through the night?
And I remembered his loneliness in the Garden of Gethsemane
            And did my best to pray in a world of peace, until day dawned.