Gifts of the Moment

Gifts of the Moment
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“When you finally stop searching for the answers to your problems, you begin to realize that there is no meaning to anything except the meaning you give it.” ~Andreas Moritz, Lifting the Veil of Duality

“In the end, your opinions are just vanities with no value to anyone.  They are your perspective, and they are your opinion. (They aren’t any better or worse than anyone else’s opinions.)” ~Matthew Ferry, Quiet Mind Epic Life

“Your opinion is the source of your suffering not how other people behave. What you say about it causes you to suffer.  Other people are just doing what they are doing.  Your resistance causes your suffering, not the circumstances.” ~Matthew Ferry, Quiet Mind Epic Life

“My thoughts are images that I have made.” ~A Course in Miracles, Lesson 15

God is.  In the beauty of the roadrunner capturing a lizard, in the hot air balloons – even those that crash into electrical lines, in the sunrise and the sunset, in the birth and the death – God is present within all of that and everything else.  It is the Alpha and Omega, the yin and the yang, the up, the down, the wins, and the losses, God is present.  God is always everywhere present. 

In this moment, as I remember that truth, I choose Love.  I am the one deciding what all of it means, so I choose Love.  I choose to interpret all of life as an expression of God’s Love.  I choose to regard all events as God’s support.  I believe the Universe is conspiring in my favor, even when appearance suggest otherwise.  If I want to experience the good, I must surrender to the moment and allow it to reveal its gifts to me. Let me revel in those gifts.  Let me savor what is, even the difficult things, even the things I’d prefer to skip.  Let me appreciate the strength these situations build in me.  Let me be grateful for it all. 

Maybe you could be grateful for everything that shows up in your life, too.  Maybe if we all just marinated in appreciation of the moment, however that shows up, without judgment, without thinking it should be otherwise, life would surprise us.  Maybe instead of claiming the vanities of our opinions, we could just be curious about how God is supporting us in that moment.  We could let go of judgment and being right and just be present to the moment.

I affirm this is so.  If life is how I say it is, then I call it Good and Very Good.  I affirm that all of it is there to lift me to a higher place.  I affirm that not only is that true for me, it is true for everyone.  I will never fully comprehend how all the pieces fit, but I’m grateful for all of it.  I’m grateful that I get to choose how I experience life.  I choose love and I release any and all inclinations to see through the mask of fear.

And so it is.  Amen.