Giving and Receiving

Giving and Receiving
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

“The cost of giving is receiving.” ~A Course in Miracles

A prayer of thanks for God’s supportive nature:

There is but one Life, one Source, one Power behind everything and everybody. I call this power God. It is the giver of all of life, the essence of everything, and that essence is Love. It is Generosity, Support, the Ultimate Gift-Giver the Father and Mother of all of creation.

And this life is mine. I am one with it. It is the truth of who and what I am. And recognizing this, aligning with this, I recognize that my true nature is one of generosity, is one of giving. Being one with the Divine, I recognize how supported I am and also, how free I am. And just as I know this is true of me, I know this is true of you. For in actuality, there is but one of us here. We are all members of this one life known as humanity. We are all the same, connected, inseparable from the One Source that created us.

And, knowing this, I recognize how it is in this givingness that I determine how and what I will receive. I recognize that all giving is receiving and that how I show up for others sets the tone for how others show up for me. I recognize that in my willingness to trust that I am cared for, I give permission to others to trust. In my willingness to live in such a way that demonstrates my faith in God, I create a space to receive. I can relax. I do relax, for my willingness to trust in God opens up countless possibilities for me. In affirming my Source, I allow creativity to rush in to support me. I allow surprise to surround me. I allow miracles to come forth and bless me. I step into my blessedness. I feel how loved and supported I am. Peace comes to me and I let go of fear. I give generously, not because I want to receive in-kind but because I recognize that giving to others is giving to myself. I make room for more good to enter my life. I allow myself to be supported.

Then I let go of this prayer – knowing my only job was to allow. God always had the way covered for the Divine is our Father and we were made in His likeness and image. “The cost of giving is receiving.” I give thanks. I give thanks. And So It Is! Amen.