God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness

Nancy Bowers RScP

God, Being Love, Is Also Happiness
Nancy Bowers, RScP

“God, being Love, is also happiness.” Lesson 103, A Course in Miracles.

Nancy-BowersGod is Love. Unlimited. Unfettered. Unconditional Love. It is Generous and Kind. Joyous and Peaceful. It is everywhere. It is always available, for Spirit is ubiquitous, inseparable; It is the Truth of what this world is made of. It is the truth of us.
And I am one with that Truth, for I cannot be separate from It. I am the Love of God, for my heart beats inside the heartbeat of Divinity. The truth of me is love. The truth of me is generous and kind. Made of God-stuff, as I am, my true nature is joyous and peaceful, for all that God is, I am. I am love and I am happiness, and that is who you are, too, my friend.

So join me in this place of remembrance of Truth. Join me in this place where my heart is certain. I choose love and find happiness. I see things that scare me, yet choose to remember how loved and supported I am. I choose to remember that I am swimming in Love. I trust God. I trust life. There is nothing to fear, for I live in God, who is Love, who is Happiness. Can you release the idea that there is anything to be afraid of? Can you settle into the heart of God, who is Love, who wishes you only happiness? Feel how supported you are. Feel God’s Love surrounding you.

Then join me in giving thanks. For knowing how loved and supported I am, I feel naturally grateful. I give thanks for feeling how loved I am. I feel happy for this Love. Allow the happiness in. God being, Love, is also happiness and His will for you is to know that happiness as your own. Feel it and give thanks, for it was always so.

Then let it go. Release any and all apprehension. God is Love and Love is happiness. Let go and let it happen: let glee carry you home to arms of He who loves you completely. Let the happiness fill your heart. And So It Is.