God Cannot Fail

Nancy Bowers RScP

God Cannot Fail
Nancy Bowers, RScP

God cannot fail. God can do anything but fail, for the Energy of Life is only success. God is Effortless. The impulse arises and is done immediately, for there is only perfection, order, for everything happens exactly as it needs to for Light to rule the world. God is always successful in all endeavors. God is always complete in everything It does. It knows only success, only perfection, and knowing only goodness and joy, knows nothing of the illusion of failure. God understands failure is never an option, for It cannot fail. How could that which is All-Powerful, which has dominion over everything fail?

And so in this moment, I recognize that as God is, so am I. I am love, compassion, joy, happiness, peace, understanding and all good things. I am successful in all that I do. Ease is my birthright. Happiness is where I was meant to live. I cannot fail, for God lead me and I know only the joy of succeeding for I understand that there is no such thing as failure. I am successful in all my endeavors. I complete all tasks before with joy and appreciation. I succeed. Always. I align with the Voice within and unite with the Ease of God.

And so knowing how easy it is, I relax into the perfection of being. There is nothing to fret, nothing to struggle against, for I cannot fail. I can travel paths that lead to unexpected results. I can find surprise waiting in unanticipated places, but I cannot fail. Neither can you. The game is rigged. All paths lead back to God, some are just harder and more windy than others. Will you listen to the Voice for Love and take the easy road, or fight perfection and struggle against what is?

I know I am led and I am grateful that God loves me so completely that He placed his guidance within me. I am thankful for this guidance; grateful for His Love. I can never lose my way and I can never truly fail. I can forget to ask for help, but that doesn’t mean God will ever leave me. I am grateful for the constant companionship of the Lord. Won’t you join me in my gratitude? God rigged the game: we are part of Him and can never be separated. We are not separate from Him, so we are always at home in God.

Therefore, I speak these words and know the prayer is already answered. God cannot fail, and neither can we, my friend. And So It Is. Amen.