God Is!

God Is!
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

God is.  It simply is!  No name can describe It, but we use words like Spirit, the Universe.  I like to use the Great Reality deep within me, or God as Principle, not thing.

And so I know this God is indeed deep within me.  I know, and embody and practice the principle of God within me.  I feel this God moving and living and breathing in and as me.

And so I speak my word now for divine right order amidst an appearance of seeming chaos.  I speak my word for opportunities for empowerment within change and loss.  I speak my word now for peace.  I am knowing and feeling peace, empowerment and a sense of all good things in perfect right timing, right here and right now.

I now release this word with gratitude, knowing that it is so, that the Law has taken my words and already acted upon my them with a giant and very affirmative YES!

And so it is!