God is Always Present

Nancy Bowers RScP

God is Always Present
by Nancy Bowers, RScP

Nancy Bowers, RScP

In all of life, God is present.  In the seemingly good times and bad, God is present.  There is no moment where Spirit, Source Energy, that Presence that I call God, is absent.  There are no pockets in life devoid of this Life Energy.  The Divine Spark of Holiness is forever in the mix.  It is Love.  It is Beauty.  It is Joy.  It is this Sacred Health that pulses through the Universe.

As I slow down, in the quiet, I find that Essence.  I drink in my awareness of it.  I realign my thoughts with Its Truth.  God is Love.  His Will for me is perfect happiness.  When I am buzzing about, stressed because things don’t seem to be going the way I think they should, I have forgotten to recognize that Truth.  I am somehow thinking that my way is better than God’s.  I am lost.

So in this moment, I pause and right my thoughts.  I surrender to what is.  I listen to the divine spark within that knows how to reconnect with that Omnipresent Blessing.  There is nothing that I need struggle against.  God is Perfect Love.  I am at home is His Embrace.  I remember His Will for me.  I remember His will for you.  I listen, knowing I am here only to be His hands and feet.  I am here only to teach love, only to be truly helpful.

There are no bad moments, only human failure to recognize the good that is present.  As I surrender to Divine Guidance, I do what God would have me do.  I say what God would have me say.  I let go of thinking I know better than God and I allow Spirit to lead me back to Love.

In that moment when I reconnect, I give thanks for how simple God made it.  I give thanks for how easy it is to listen to Spirit and find the Love that was always there.  I give thanks that God’s will for me is perfect happiness and that His will for you is the same.  I give thanks that in that remembrance, we are joined and there is nothing to stress about, there is no conflict and no fear.  I give thanks that I know God placed His Divinity in all of His children and that He allows me to notice how frightened those brothers are who cannot feel God’s Loving Presence.  I give thanks for Christ’s Vision that allows me to see the perfection.  I give thanks that He tells me what to do.  God’s Will for us all is perfect happiness.  I am so grateful.

I surrender to His Will.  I let be as it is for it is perfect just as it is.  God is always present.  And so it is.  Amen.