God Is Confident

Nancy Bowers RScP

God is Confident
Nancy Bowers, RScP

God is Confident. How could the Fearless be otherwise? For Spirit is Sure, Ever-Faithful to the One Pure Goal of Love. That which is Confident knows complete Peace. He who is Self-Assured is Ever-Joyous – for there is nothing butt Love in God’s Kingdom. There is only Goodness. God had a thought and the so that thought came into being. We were that thought; we are that thought, for we are the love-children of the Divine. It’s in our DNA – I am God’s eternal child, forever tethered to Spirit and so, my friend, are you.

So knowing that each of us is born of the Divine, I affirm in this moment pure faith. I affirm the confidence that oozes from the certainty of resting in the Love of the Father. I affirm joy and peace and goodness, for being the light beings that we are, I know that God created us in Pure Love and Light. I know that life is easy in the rapture of boldness; for we are as fearless as He who is ever-certain. We are as peaceful of that Essence that knows no hesitancy. What could complete certainty bring but deep, deep peace? When nightmares of fear are chased away by Absolute Authority of their nothingness, what could remain but bliss?

So I give thanks, because I am confident of what God is, I am certain of who you are, of who I am, of the power of Love that this planet is awash in. I give thanks because I know all prayers are heard and I can rest assured that they have already been answered. I give thanks for the generous nature of Spirit who wraps me in peace and blesses me with everything. Love is here and I give thanks. I give thanks for the Confidence of God.

It is done. Certainty knows it. And So It is.