Rev. Kamatara Johnson

God Is Everywhere

God Is Everywhere!
by Rev. Kamatra Johnson

Rev. Kamatara Johnson

Oh the Divine Adventure of Life!  God is Excitement and heart-pounding Exhilaration. God is “what goes bump in the night” and what rattles our bones with fright.  God is that region just outside our comfort zone that pushes us to express Divinity even more.  God is everywhere, whether in the light or in the dark!

And this is where I stand.  I am the manifestation of God on an adventure as I make my way through fear and fright, exhilaration and joy in this Thing called Life. All that I am is God, God that is the Presence and Power within me.

So I welcome the expansion of myself, through the frights and trials of life.  I know that I am lovingly supported by the Divine as I face what I fear. I turn on the light switch in the creepy old basement, taking a good look at what’s stashed under the stairs, and spend time with my skeletons, asking what each one has to teach me.  I am open to the lessons that come from discomfort. I am ready to see it through with fortitude and grace, to release old haunts.  I know that God is to be found in what frightens me just as much as God is found in what comforts me.  I push past the cobwebs and creeps to step into the Light of the Divine.

Thank you, Loving Source, for the infusion of courage to face my fears, strength to revel in the adventure, and mindfulness to relish the gift of every experience coming my way.  I’m grateful for the continuous support of the Universe as I continue to deepen my expression of the Divine.

With great confidence in the Law, knowing the Divine responds perfectly, I release this prayer into the Universe.  It is already done in the Eyes of the Beloved, the Infinite Unlimited.

And so it is.