God is Everywhere

Marilyn O'Leary, RScP

God is Everywhere
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

When I notice the smiles all around me, including my own and those in pictures of people I love, I remember that God is everywhere around. God is everywhere, omnipresent. God is the imminent Presence that infuses and surrounds us. God is all there is. We are all manifestations of Divine Spirit. It is clear that because God is in, through, and around us, we are intimately one with that Divine Creator. We are a part of God.

I remember that Jesus was the Wayshower for us, showing us all that we are and all that we can do. It is this knowledge that infuses me with joy, knowing that the life of God is in me, inspiring me to take the next step in my beautiful and blessed life. God’s life is my life now, and everything I want to do, to be, to accomplish, to expand is support by the God-in- me.  I know that Love is mine and I am Love; Abundance is mine and I am Abundance; Joy is mine and I am Joy; Health is mine and I am Health; Peace is mine and I am Peace.

I give thanks for my existence as an expression of God. I give thanks for this teaching that reminds me that I can change my life by changing my thoughts; that what I decide to look at grows in my consciousness, and the more I see God, the more God I see.

I let go of these words knowing that they will come back to me as the fulfillment of my prayer.

And so it is, amen.