Julia Washington, RScP

God is In and Through All that We Think and Do

God is In and Through All that We Think and Do
By Julia Washington, RScP

Knowing God is in and through all that we think and do. That God is peace, wholeness, wealth, Joy, happiness. Now.

As Divine presence moves through our life, we let go of all that no longer works for us and brings understanding, love, light, let that light overcome the darkness. That we only manifest that which we want and need is in our life now.

Knowing that we live in a Perfect Universe that supplies us with all that we need. That removes obstacles of doubt and fear, that expands our consciousness and acceptances of power, plenty, health, happiness, and success, we move and have our being in this One Power. Now

We give Thanks for the knowingness of our oneness in Spirit.

We release this into the Power of the Law and know that it is done.

So it is!