God is in Everything

God is in Everything
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Knowing that God is in everything, I take a deep breath and acknowledge Its Presence. It is all there is, and expresses as Love, Peace, Power, Abundance, Health and Well-being. I am one with Divine Spirit. It expresses in, through and as me. It is always here as me.

It expresses as Love of my fellow man, of my sisters, my mothers. It expresses as vibrant health that is in every cell of my body. It is in me as power, knowing that I am capable, I am strong, I can handle any life experience, and I bring to it love and kindness. It expresses as abundance, providing me everything I need. I affirm that I always have the gifts of the world that make life beautiful – music, poetry, art, delicious food, friendship, kindness, compassion, joy. I affirm for all humans that Love expresses through kindness, compassion, generosity, comfort, and joy.

This is true for all who read these words and accept them. I affirm for all a life of health and well-being, of creativity, beautiful self-expression through use of our gifts, love and kindness.

 I connect with Divine Spirit through gratitude. I am grateful for all I have, for my health and well-being, for all the abundance in my life, providing me all that I need, for my breath that breathes me and keeps me alive without my even thinking about it, for love – my family, friends, Nature, my dog, all an expression of Transcendent Love, for peace that passes all understanding. I am grateful for all.

I release this affirmation of Love, confidence and gratitude to the universe, knowing that it returns fulfilled.

And so it is.