God is in us, through us, and as us

God is in Us, Through Us, and as Us
Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Life brings challenges in the most unexpected ways. As it does it gives us the opportunity to look again at how we feel inadequate, less than, and by definition separate from our Source. When we feel this way it is helpful to remember that Spirit has need of us where we are, as we are, or else we would not be here. So when I face a situation that makes me feel inadequate, I acknowledge these old feelings are here again, they are a story I made up, and I remember that God, Spirit, Love, whatever you call that informing power in the universe, is the true reality.

God is all there is. The true reality is that God is in us, through us, and as us. It is all that we need. We lack nothing. God is abundance, love, compassion, right action, fulfillment, inspiration, peace, wholeness, completeness, joy. We are expressions of Spirit and we can express all that we need.

This is a good time of the year to remember that WE are the gift to the universe. We are what the world needs. As we go about our day all we have to do is make the intention to bring our awareness of Spirit into all we do. We are one with Spirit and One with each other. I leave behind all feelings of being less than, and know that I am perfect, whole, and complete just as I am. I know this is true for everyone who reads these words. I am at peace.

I am deeply grateful for all people who seek to express love in the world. I am grateful for the power of this prayer, of Spirit within me, and of my connection to all.

I release this prayer to Divine Universal Love and Law, and know that it will become manifest in the hearts of all who believe it is so.