God Is Love

Kerry Blecha, RScP

God Is Love
by Kerry Blecha, RScP

I believe God and Love are synonymous terms for the Power that connects Spiritual and physical reality. All Life, Health, Abundance, Peace, and Joy flow from this Divine Power. The Ethos of all things is God, is Love.

Everything and Every being is a creation of Love. Divine Love is the Power that unites all creation. I know that All is One. I cannot be separated from the Source of my being, Love. Thus all aspects of Love are inseparable from God’s creations. I am Heath, Abundance, and Peace. I am Joy.

I understand that Love is to my Spiritual life as breath is to my physical being. Just as I live only minutes without air so I wither without Love. Spirit being the source of all Love it is my destiny to connect to Love as I feel breath move through my being. Each breath is a gift, each feeling of Love a step closer to my understanding of Spirit. This is my journey: Love is the lesson I must learn. Surrounded by the Eternal, Infinite Power of Spirit I love as I breath. I learn as I live and thus I move closer to The Spirit within each manifestation of Love. This is the Life, the Breath, and the Journey I have chosen.   As I know this True nature of myself I know that it is True for everyone.

Daily I give thanks for the Love that is God.  I am grateful for a Healthy, Peaceful, and Abundant Life.  I live in Joy. Each minute and every breath is a special, Spiritual gift.  And, in unison with all Things God I rejoice.

I now release my words into the Law of God, which has created all things.  I move through my life of Love.

And so It Is.