God is Relationship

Chris Duvall, RScP

God is Relationship
by Chris Duvall, RScP

God is Relationship, with Vertical and Horizontal dimensions, within which is the Unlimited Possibility of the experience of oneness, wholeness, well-being.  Vertically, I recognize the Depth and Transcendence of Source.  Horizontally, I recognize Life and Light in people, in nature, in all that exists.  Within Divine Relationship there is no separation, even though I seem to feel it from time to time – those times when I’m veiled by fear, mistaken belief, ego -impatience, obligation, judgment, etc.

I take the time today to surrender as completely as I can – mind, body, soul, karmic past – into the Truth of Being and to realign to Source as a straw to the mouth of the Divine River of Sufficiency.  I drink until I’m full and overflowing with the faith of God, the faith that is the miracle working Presence, Power and Understanding of the Divine Heart, Mind, and Hand. I open my heart, mind, and hand to saturation and unity, until I deeply perceive that I am That I am, until I feel my oneness with All. 

From this place of unity, I speak my word for right sight, right thought, right motive and intent, right relationship, right action – for myself and all who will.  Specifically, I live this day in sacred, harmonious fellowship with life, honoring, blessing, giving and receiving with joy.  In the midst of any appearance or condition, I remember and am further guided into my right and perfect place and perspective.

For Divine Action upon this word, I am grateful.  I release it into Spiritual Law.  And so it is.