God is the Source of All

Kerry Blecha, RScP

God is the Source of All
by Kerry Blecha, RScP

God is the Source of All. It is God in the earth that brings forth the miracle of life, God in the rain that promotes growth, God is in the air that sustains all life. And, it is God in the sun’s light that provides warmth and energy. Earth, water, air and sunlight are all expressions of God’s love. I see these manifestations of God in each flower and fruit, in the forests and on the prairies, the deserts and oceans. God’s love washes over me as a cleansing wave freeing me from the perception of fear and doubt. Free from all material limitations I am open to enjoy the loving qualities of God. I am empowered by the sunrise and humbled at sunset. I am inspired to create happiness, dwell in peace and share prosperity. I live in love and love to live. I enjoy everything. This is God’s life. It is God’s sacred blessing. This Divine Spirit within me unites me in Truth with the circle of eternal life.

My heart sings with the realization that Spirit is common to all things. Human kind is united. What I know to be True, Spiritual Love is true Spiritual Love for everyone everywhere for all time. I am the earth you are the rain. We share the air. We feel the sun. We are the miracle of God’s Love.

Oh thank you Spirit for flowers and fruit and friends. I am so grateful for each gift in this life. I am thankful to know the power of God in me.

All Truth is mine now. God’s Love is here now. It is mine to know, to feel, and to use. I release these words into the Law. For I know that the Law has made them as beautiful as the flowers; they are delicious as fruit, productive as the forests, peaceful as the prairies, sacred as the deserts, and powerful as the ocean. All things are done unto us as we believe. And so it is!