God Loves All

Nancy Bowers RScP

God Loves All
Nancy Bowers, RScP

God gives, generously, unabashedly. Awash in love for His children, He offers them nothing but Good.  Sometimes, I can’t see that.  Sometimes, my fears prevent me from feeling it, but I know that I can trust my Father, this loving Source of all Goodness, to love me.  I know I am loved.  I know you are loved.

When life is painful, and I don’t want to deal, I fall to my knees and pray to be returned to the awareness of God’s presence in my life.  I recognize that the reason growth is sometimes painful is because I am resisting what is happening.  I don’t like it.  I wish it weren’t happening, but all I can do is reach for love again and again.  All I can do is be present to the pain and trust the Good I know is there.  I can’t see how all the pieces fit.  I can’t see how Love is being given not just to me, but to all of God’s children.  I have no idea of the pain in their lives, but I know God Loves them, too.

I pray: Dear Father, soften my heart.  Walk with me through this difficult time and let me always trust in the Goodness that is being offered.  Treasure up my soul with compassion and gratitude.  Help me to be my best self, that I may witness the pain in others without feeling attacked, even if they did attack.  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  Let me, instead, see with the eyes of love.  Help me always to return to love, that I might love as You love, give as You give.  Shore up the trust in my heart, that fear has no place to rest comfortably.

Thank you, dear Lord, for loving me.  Thank you for forgiving me, for letting me know that mistakes are temporary, but love is eternal.  Gratitude washes my heart clean.  I am returned to Your Love, and I am so very grateful for the comfort of it.

Then I let go.  Trying to control is a red flag, for it means I am not trusting.  So I let go.  I let go because God sees how the pieces fit and Loves all His children; even the ones I mistakenly think have hurt me.  I allow God to do what God always does: Loves unabashedly.

And so it is.  Amen.