I See God In Each Person I Meet


I See God In Each Person I Meet
by Carol Grimm, Former RScP

What an amazing sunrise I just witnessed!! The sun just peeking out and colors the eastern sky in all shades of the rainbow. I see and feel God in all this beauty. I know that God is in, around and through all that I see. God is the clouds that move across the morning sky, the rooster that I hear crowing in the distance. It is in the soft peeps of the little chicks and the louder voices of the hens as they tell the world of their beautiful eggs. It is in the little rabbits as they run here and there. It is in the soft purr of the kitten sitting on my lap. It is all God, it is Beauty, Joy, Peace and Love.

Because I know that it is all God I know that I am of that very essence. Spirit lives and breaths and acts through me. I am all of the qualities of God as is each person reading these words and each person on the planet. We are all one and all manifestations of Spirit.

I know this day unfolds in perfection and as I go about my daily activities I feel the Presence. I see God in each person I meet and offer Love and Peace wherever I can.

I am so very grateful for the manifestation of God in all the world. I know that I walk in the Presence at all times and am ever aware and thankful for this knowing.

Now I give these words into the Law knowing that they are true.

And so it is.