by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

God.  A part of consciousness, and thus, ever present.  And as I am part of this consciousness, I am part of God and It is a part of me.

Thus, my thoughts are God’s thoughts and my words are God’s words, and so I speak now for peace ever lasting. I speak for open mindedness.  I speak for glorious and beautiful acceptance of the ever changing world.  I speak for full embracing of all new terms, words and ways of living and being and showing up in the world.  I know that my words, as a part of the entire consciousness, symbolize a new way of being, for myself and for anyone reading this treatment.
I release these words into that Law that is jumping up and down in an enthusiastic YES in affirmation of my words, and acting upon them even as I write.

And so I express my gratitude for the way this thing works, and for the implementation of my words.  It is done.  And so it is.