Teresa Greco, RScP

God’s Time and Wisdom

God’s Time and Wisdom
by Teresa Greco, RScP

God is Intelligence and Pure Spirit. Spirit is creation and accepts all that exists. All life is Spirit fulfilling Itself with, and through all and everything. Universal Mind is Supportive, Wise, Abundant and I am one with the Universal Intelligence and all that is Life Giving. I unify myself with the Love and Joy of Spirit knowing that these qualities live within me and are forever and without question connected with the Goodness and Generosity of the one Almighty Being, I call God.

I know that God resides in all humanity and even though that humanity sometimes appears less than whole, perfect and complete, Spirit created all, and all of God’s creation is absolutely, exactly as it needs to be in every moment.

I thank my Creator for all that I have been given, and know that my good is always manifesting in the generosity of Spirit, knowing that it is manifesting in God’s time and Wisdom. It is done.