Gratitude for the New Day

Gratitude for the New Day
by Marilyn O’Leary, RScP

Every day is a new day.

Today is a new day.

This day is open to the field of possibility.

I would like this day to be a day of love, of laughter, of humor, of delight, of unexpected gifts.

Thank you for this day, for my life, for my home, my family, my friends.

Please inspire me with learning, with ideas, with love, with peace, with calm.

I remember that anything in my past I thought was a mistake is an opportunity for learning and works to my benefit.

At every moment Spirit has been and is in my life, leading or nudging me.

I have choices, but I have a lot of help from Spirit that I can access through my inner voice.

I am the alchemist. Each experience is a thread I weave into a rich and unique garment.

I know that I am the one to decide what I think about myself. Those thoughts do not come from outside. That means I am in control of them.

Where is joy? In my head, my heart.

Where is peace? In my breath, in my body.

Where do I experience life? In my wholeness.

I am joy, I am awe. I am One with all.

I am grateful for all.

Thank you.