Happy for No Reason

Nancy Bowers RScP

Happy for No Reason
Nancy Bowers, RScP

“God, being Love, is also happiness.” Lesson 103, A Course in Miracles

God is Love: Clear, Sure, Confident, Fearless.  It is Love.  He is Love.  She is Love and therefore Happiness: unbridled Happiness.  Happy for no reason; happy just to be, to express, to see, to surround all Its Children (us!) with Love, Love, Love.  No matter what, no matter where; no matter how messy the circumstances.  God is always Love.  God is always Happiness.

And my heart beats that happiness, it soaks up the Love and pumps out the joy.  Today, I am happy for no reason – okay I have reasons but I am happy even without those reasons – because I am loved, loved, loved and I am this blessed child of God.  I am a child of the Divine.  You are a child of the Divine.  Loved, loved, loved and wrapped in that Goodness 24/7.

So I affirm happiness for no reason; happy just to be.  Happy just because I am alive, you are alive.  No stories about how things should have been different, no tales of woe because things didn’t go your way.  You are.  I am.  Love is here.  Happiness is now.

Take a sip.  Drink it in.  God is everywhere present.  No matter the appearance, God is here, so Love is here, so Happiness is here.  Claim it.  It’s yours.  I claim it.  It’s mine.

And I love that it is.  I love that as much of it as I care to claim is mine.  It’s always available and I love that.  I’m grateful for that.  I’m grateful that God never withholds Love.  It’s unconditional.  How thankful I am that God loves unconditionally.  No matter how badly I think I’ve messed up, God still loves me.  God still loves you.  We are in this together.

I let go of any story I was telling that kept Love away.  I let go of ideas of lack and limitation.  Love is unlimited and I release it, knowing it is not diminished one iota by being set free.  I am happy for no reason.  Won’t you be, too?  And so it is!  Amen.