Sue Hoadley, RScP

by Sue Hoadley, RScP

There is only one Power and that Power is Infinite Love, Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Creator. Being the Ultimate Source of all being, there cannot be any other power that opposes the One, for It fills all time and space. The One Creator shows forth its nature in all life, all of the universe, all creation. This nature, observable and provable, is that all things work together in perfect order, perfect rhythm, perfect design, perfect harmony.

As all being-ness is created by and in this Source, all beings share in the basic principles and attributes of the One. Knowing this essential truth about the way all life is, I declare all beings exist in basic harmony, basic, essential goodness. I declare and claim that all relationships are brought into alignment with the One and all people, animals, and earthly elements exist in peaceful harmony. β€œThe lion lies down with the lamb,” all peoples of the earth awaken to Divine Love and care for one another, sharing resources, blessing one another. All peoples of the earth awaken to the Divine Intelligence of stewardship for our earth and air. And all commerce and conversations are in the spirit of Divine listening and deep regard.

Knowing the essence of life to be harmony, I give thanks for the love and harmony that pervades and infuses every interaction, every engagement. I give thanks that every dialogue results in understanding and cooperation and deep peace.

I release these words into the Divine principle of all life, the law of harmony and cooperation, and so it is.