Marylyn Kirk, RScP

by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

How wonderful to know that I am alive with the newness of spring! The Creator of all expresses itself in the newness of the blades of grass, the beauty of the flowering trees, and the colorful flowers that put on a display for me every day! I drink in the fragrance of the emerging roses knowing that all of this beauty has been created just for me!  I am surrounded by the loveliness of nature and know that I, too, am a significant part of nature herself. I am in awe of this season of life emerging after the snow and cold of winter.  I recognize that life itself is a masterpiece of harmony.  The Divine design is perfect and every tree, flower and bush joins in the harmonious expression of life. 

Knowing this, I also know that all events, circumstances and experiences have their own unique harmony.  It is my honor to recognize and claim that my own life is one of harmony, that it is my CHOICE to see and acknowledge that harmony is present right here and right now in my life and in all my relationships. I deny any circumstance, event or experience that upsets this balance and the harmony that I deserve to live. It has no place in my life and falls away never to return again. I see the beauty in me. I see the strength in me. I see the joy in me. My life radiates joy, peace, and harmony.  I am one with Spirit and am grateful for my abundant life filled with good friends, plentiful food, clean air and water, and love. 

I am grateful that my day unfolds with ease and grace and that I notice the people and experiences that bring me joy and happiness.  Thank you sweet Spirit for your gift of harmony, peace and abundance.  I know that all is well.  I see it. I embody it. I express it, and I know that God is taking care of every need that I have.  I am so grateful. As I have spoken these words and released them into the Law of action, it is done!  And so it is!