Marylyn Kirk, RScP

by Marylyn Kirk, RScP

Know with me that today is the perfect expression of Divine Order.  In every moment of now I know that I am surrounded by the love of Spirit.  God is everywhere present, even amid those situations and events that have the appearance of messiness.  I know that when I recognize the grace, harmony and goodness of all life that I align myself and my energy with the grace, harmony and goodness of Spirit.  Only then can I rid myself of thoughts of unhappiness and rearrange my thinking to recognize that goodness is all there is. It is in me, as me and I live, move, and have my being in this infinite good. 

The one perfect life that permeates all is my life right now and always.  I now completely release all discord and forgive all events and experiences of the past that hurt me in anyway. In place of anger and upset, I realize peace and love.  I am completely free from all burdens of the past. I have no reservation or doubt about my worth and value.  I freely and easily release everything unlike that love and harmony that are the absolute truth of my life and being.  I forgive all events, experiences, persons, places and things that have seemed to limit my expression of love, peace, grace and harmony.  Right here and right now I experience my life as completely free and flowing with only love. All is well and is in Divine Order. 

I am so grateful to this truth and give thanks for the great good that I now experience as forgiveness. I now release my word into the law of Mind, trusting in the law completely.  I know that my word is fulfilled right now.  It is done and so it is. Amen.