Harvest Prayer

Sue Hoadley, RScP

Harvest Prayer
by Sue Hoadley, RScP

As I know there is One Source of All that is, I breathe in God. God of beauty. God of bounty. God of abundance, flow, emergence. All things emerge in their right time from this all good God. All circumstances resolve in their right time from this all good God. Any appearance of lack, disease, conflict, or loss is just that: appearance. Beneath, above and all around is God’s perfection emerging.

As I take in this September day with all my senses, I see, I feel, I hear God emerging, whispering and shouting to me of the Love poured onto all creation. Seeds flower and bear fruit, which is eaten or rots back into the earth to support the next generation of seeds. Colors flare in glory in the trees and deep blue sky. There is enough bounty on this earth to feed all, there is no need for anyone to go hungry if we just accept the infinitude of bounty and share.

As I take in the glory of God, I remember there is no truth in fear, worry, anxiety, or a sense of scarcity. I remember and know this for myself and for all my brothers and sisters, all creatures, all beings. I know the peace that comes from this remembering and knowing. I know the healing that emerges from this remembering and knowing. So I declare for all beings peace and joy and freedom and healing that comes from truly knowing what this September day is saying to us: Humans, and all creature great and small, we are loved beyond measure! We are cared for and provided for beyond limitation! We are the harvest, it lives and breathes in us. We are this September day in all its ineffable infinite glory! Alleluia, and so it is!