Healing is Here and Now

Nancy Bowers, RScP – In The Land of Faith

Healing is Here and Now
Nancy Bowers, RScP

“Only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation.” – A Course in Miracles

There is One Life; I call it God.  Others call it Source Energy, Spirit, the I Am.  The name is just a label; the Essence of it is Healing.  It is the Life Source.  It is Love.  Its Infinite Presence is in all situations, in all places, in every person, place, and thing.  It is the Source of all rejuvenation, for Healing is what Love does.

I am one with that loving energy.  I am part of the expression of it.  It is the core of who and what I am, and when I turn my awareness to that, I reconnect with the truth of my being.  I am a healer, for I am a hotspot of love and kindness.  I am a ripple of goodness that echoes out into the world.  I am the recognizer of truth; a wisdom keeper.  Knowing this is true of me, I remember that it is also true of you, for it is true of all our brothers.  It is true of the ones who are hurting and calling out for help, for everything that is not love is a call for love.  It is a call for healing.  God’s Love is us and It is a loving source of all good.  We are here to demonstrate that.

And so in this moment, in the right here, right now, I affirm that God’s Healing Energy blesses the lives of all the hurt ones.  Love is always present.  Healing is always happening.  I claim for each and every person reading this, as well as each and every person on the planet, the awareness of who and what they are.  You are God’s precious child.  You are the darling of the Divine.  God would never leave you hopeless.  God would never leave you lonely, for He will never be separated from the light of His heart, and you are it. I affirm in this here and now, that all defenses are laid aside.  There is nothing to defend against for Spirit is here healing this moment; God is here loving us all.  Even when we do not know who we are, Source Energy never forgets.  Come.  Allow the balm of Eternal Love to heal all the broken places.  Allow that healing to capture your heart; then give as you receive.  You are here to know the truth of who your brothers are when they are lost and do not know themselves.  You are here to heal the world, one broken soul at a time. Let God heal you and then share the healing.

Despite appearances, God is here.  Despite heartache, Spirit is present.  Despite a world that seems in turmoil, a planet that aches for caring practices, Source can and does heal.  We are Its healers.  We are Its hands and feet.  If you see a need, fill it.  If you hear a cry for help, answer it.  It is not someone else responsibility, it is ours.  We are God’s children and we are here to remember who we are – the beloved child of the Divine, here to share Its Love.  We are one and being one, we care for all.  That’s what healers do.  Listen to God’s Voice and then give the love He would have us share.

I give thanks that we are in this together.  I give thanks that I do not have to do it all, I just have to listen to my heart.  When I do my part, God does His.  I give thanks that each and every person is Christ, waiting to be known, wanting to know itself as the love that it is.  I give thanks for defenseless – that in the act of laying aside fear, love shines.  We are all God’s cherished children and I give thanks as more and more people awaken to that awareness.  I give thanks for the ability to recognize that when love isn’t present, it is my job to bring it to the table.

Having spoken these words, I know my prayer has been heard and is answered, so I let it go.  Healing is here.  Healing is now.  And So It Is.  Amen.