Heart Spring/Soul Spring Cleaning:
Letting Go of the Old and Breaking in to the New

Heart Spring/Soul Spring Cleaning: Letting Go of the Old and Breaking in to the New
by Tilia Giron, Chaplain and RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

Releasing, relinquishing, divorcing, separating from or letting go of the old can leave one with a sense of loss in the soul and a feeling of sadness or sorrow.

While this may be true, the release actually clears the way for something new to come in, for something more with the potential to increase the light, the magic and the power and to usher in an expanding array of gifts available to you. Law of physics, 2 objects cannot occupy the same space.

It can also leave you feeling lighter and freer.

Look within and let go of an old not serving your higher interest.

See this time as an opening – a break in the worn canvas.

Be empowered and emboldened with a determination and a forceful knowing that you are already walking into a broader world where infinite new dimensions await you.

The reason is because you have made the hard decision to look at what may no longer serve you and see it for what it is, and move forward knowing better awaits you.

So, weep no more.
Dry your tears.

Expand your view

Open wide your arms to

Welcome the bright sunlight with its brilliant blue sky.
Delight in the stunning shining newness of unexpected wonders before you.

You are positioned to move forward with a lightness, flow and assurance in alignment with your higher self.

Step forward on your path and Do not look back.

Lingering regrets serve no one but keep you mired and bogged down.

The way is forward and lit before you.

Enjoy your journey and move forward into a new heart spring.

And so blessed it is!