How do we Face and Surrender the Lies on Which our Lives our Built? 

How do we Face and Surrender the Lies on Which our Lives our Built? 
by Chris Duvall, RScP

The condition for this post is awareness bubbling up about lies, which are expedient, profitable, and destructive and which seem to saturate human life in collective, inter-personal and personal contexts. Below are some examples, a reflection, a blessing, and a resource.

· The constitution’s compromise designating slaves “3/5 a free individual” has ongoing devastating impact.
· Much repetition undermining the outcome of a presidential election intensifies forces of separation.
· Unreported careless property damage results in financial loss to owners.
· False accusations enable personal freedom at the cost of others’ relationships.
· Weekly drinks of alcohol admitted on the medical record are full eight-ounce glasses.
· Decades of fear-based, self-protective emotional reaction belie true life within.

Perceiving another’s lie is like looking in the mirror, for who hasn’t “stretched the truth?” Who doesn’t tremble when considering the cost of “coming clean?”

Having applied significant spiritual effort during my attendance at the School of Hard Knocks, I’ve come to believe the only stable ground on which to build a life is Christ Conscious humility and courage.

I’ve learned …
· Our lives are molded by the impact of other’s mistakes and our own.
· A most important job on this plane is to learn how to create with high consciousness and a pure heart.
· A free, joyous life cannot be constructed by taking short-cuts, telling tired stories, or tying oneself to material outcomes.
· In the end, one can rise no further than one’s own heart, mind, and record of integrity have earned.
· Maturity involves authentically reflecting on the costs of our own harmful actions to others and ourselves. We must feel truly sorry and make the amends we can while we live on this plane. Then, Grace saves us. Then, that which was lost is restored.

May Divine Love and Light surround and support all authentic self-inquiry, self-discipline, and self-surrender. May each and all be truth in love. May all lives and relationships be healed. May we gratefully express good thoughts and actions into the Wholeness, confident that which was lost is being restored by Grace in the fullness of time.
And, so it is.

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