How Important We Are

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

How Important We Are
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

“If we could only sense how important we are to the lives of those
we meet… There is something of ourselves we leave at every meeting
with another person.” 
  Fred Rogers  (Mr. Rogers)

In the One Loving Source, we are all connected to each other.  Heart to heart; mind to mind; soul to soul.  We impact each other. So, I choose in this moment to have an impact of love as I remember who and what we are: the Divine Essence of Love expressing in the here and now.

As I know that things only have the meaning that I give it, I choose to give this life the meaning of Love. I am love in action.  My only agenda is love. I see you, accept you, and understand you only with love. I see my self, accept my self, and understand my self only with love. Love is the light in the darkness, the order out of the chaos, the only answer that makes any sense to me. So I choose to be love and more love today. That is the impact I desire to have, the part of me I want to leave with others: the part that is infinite, the part that is generous, the part that elevates us all. 

I give thanks for Love. I appreciate having the capacity to choose mindfully, to grow into the further most reaches of the Love that I am. I am so grateful for the healing balm and bounty of Love that brings with it so much joy and a deep sense of peace. For all these things, I give thanks and release this prayer into the Law knowing that it is already so in my life and in yours. Love makes it so. Amen.