Hungry for connectivity with the Divine? Suddenly, there it is!

Hungry for connectivity with the Divine?
Suddenly, there it is!
by Carmella Herrera, RScP

Suddenly, you feel you need to connect and find some clarity and meaning to a life’s challenge. Sometimes, it’s just an anxious feeling and you want to start anew.  Know that you can create a new and fresh start.  That fresh start will be full of meaningfulness as you connect on a personal and deep level. Allow yourself to fully embrace the feelingness.

It is that feelingness from God’s Givingness that feeds us. What a gift it is. How good it is to realize that we are all an expression of God. God is the Spiritual Energy Force that is the Powerful Presence in the now.  When we take time to be fully present in the now, even if we are empty, we can fill anew. 

So, I say yes to getting to that place where I find peace.  It is in my being. What a beautiful sense of knowing it is.  I affirm that it is God’s desire for me to bring forth stillness, peace and happiness.  I affirm, “Happiness is Mine”.  I embrace Life. I celebrate all that I have with gratitude, and I give thanks. 

I place this gratitude and appreciation into the action of the Law, letting go and allowing God to fill me.  I direct the Power of the Word to the Law and let it work with a full conviction of my faith. I know all is well in my life, and I embrace this action for all. I know it is done, as I believe. 

And so it is.