I Am Always Home in God

Michelle Scholer, RScP

I Am Always Home in God
by Michelle Scholer, RScP
Beloved Creatures NM Pet Celebrant

God is Omnipresent, wholeness, continuity, permanence and evolution, freedom and limitlessness.

There is One Life, One Perfect Life, and this Life is Gods Life and it is my life now.  In this Life I am whole, continuous, permanent, evolving, free and limitless. As I know this for myself, I know this to be true for all people.

My home is rooted in Spirit which is everywhere, in all places and in all time.  Spirit is rooted in me everywhere I go in all of time. I cannot be separated from my home.  In my life I can own a house and property or I can continue to rent living spaces, however I am always home in God.  Spirit is my long term relationship.  Everywhere I look Spirit sees me and knows me intimately and loves me unconditionally.

I gratefully acknowledge the Truth of God as my home forever and always, nearer than my breath.  With great gratitude I acknowledge my longest, dearest relationship with a being of such unconditional and vast Love, trust, caring and faithfulness.

I release this treatment to the Law, knowing it cannot come back to me void because it is already done even as I have thought it.  And so it is!