Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

I am Here to See as God Sees

I am Here to See as God Sees
by Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

Chaplain Carmella Herrera, RScP

You are here to see as God sees, to know as God knows, and to
See God as Love, for God is Love. This I know, for you and with you.

I invite you to take this moment and bring your Intention to our heart space.
Be gentle with yourself as you take time to acknowledge and appreciate
your choice to do some inner work in this present time and space.

Go to Wholeness as you bring it all now to prayer and ask Spirit
for much Guidance – As you allow God to be in control, know that it is
done to the extent of the Power behind every word and every thought,
in your Knowing. Can you see it right now? Can you envision it?
Embrace the Knowing.

I now claim for you, a strong faith conviction, affirming that there is no
internal conflict, no denial, as you see beyond believing and go directly
to Knowing – with action.

Spend time each day affirming that All is as God Is.
Spend time standing in your integrity.
Be aware and know that all is in God’s Divine Order and
And in God’s perfect timing.
Allow Grace Consciousness to bring you Peace, Calmness, and Clarity.
Practice Gratitude for all that is good and healthy in your life.
Let it go to God, let it be, and know that all is well.
And So it is!