I am Safe

Russell Tobey Pope

I am Safe
by Russell Tobey Pope, RScP
Practitioner Emeritus

The everlasting essence of all is God.  This God is perfection in all around all and through all.  This is a force for good.  There is no split, no separation; only this One power for Good.

I realize we are one with God as God expresses through us, as us, for every atom, cell and fiber of our being is God.  God is perfection so it goes without saying we are too, as is our actions and creations.

Knowing this embrace of good is manifesting in and through me, I  open my eyes and heart seeing God’s creations all around me.  As I embellish this feeling, I feel safe and am safe knowing God is manifesting all around me.  As I follow my heart for good I am safe.  This is God’s path of safety

I know the key to feeling safe is releasing any doubts and fears knowing God’s safety is happening.   I am truly thankful.

As I release these words into the infinite I know they speak the truth and do not come back void.