I Believe in Myself!

Rev. Martha Quintana. Senior Minister

I Believe in Myself!
by Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

There is One Life, the Life, the Only Life. This Life is All There Is. I call It to this place right here, right now knowing It responds to me, knowing that It comes as soon as I think Life, God, Love, Peace, and/or any of the other names by which this Life is known. I call Life and peace, love, happiness, health, clarity, joy, and good arrive. Of this I am certain.

I am certain, too, that I am made of Life. In calling it to this time and place, I rejoice in the highest and best in me. The joy of this Life is so beautiful and certain that anything that cannot support this joy falls away never to return. This joy undergirds existence and I happily participate, rejoice, and live in it. I am certain of this joy. As I know this for me, I know this for each person who reads this prayer. Each is the joy of Life.

I affirm and declare with certainty my belief in my own abilities. This belief gives me the ability to call those parts of the self I require to this moment. I call health and believe health is mine with every decision I make about my body, mind, and spirit. I call clarity and know it is mine in every decision I make about my relationships. I call wisdom and know it is mine in every decision I make about my life and the Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living. I rest in this belief because I know it is the superhighway to Life and Life guides my path. I believe and I believe every person who knows this is guided by Life, too.

I believe and I am grateful. I am grateful for all the circumstances, situations, and people that have walked my life with me. I am grateful for my husband, my daughter, my family, and my spiritual family. Each have helped me to constantly and consistently be a better person. I am grateful that I can change and that I can witness and allow the changes of others. I am so blessed.

With a blessed and grateful heart, I release my word and know that this prayer is done. And so it is. Amen.