I Can Choose Again!

I Can Choose Again!
by Rev. Kamatara Johnson, Director of Collaborative Ministries

Knowing there is only One from which all comes, this One is Infinite Goodness, Unconditional Love, and Unlimited Possibility. This One is the Sacred Essence of each person, place, thing, and time. There is nowhere where God is not. So I am God in the here and now, still connected and expressing the Divine. Whether I’m aware of it or not, I am a manifestation of THE I AM.  

As such, I have access to all the qualities of the Divine, ad infinitum…I am unbound by precedent or circumstances. If I feel discontent or unfulfilled longing, I can choose again. Each day is a brand new day with new choices, new experiences, and new revelations. I expand and evolve each and every day. I reach out toward the pioneering edge of myself as I experience more joy, more abundance, more peace of mind, more fun, more love, and more fulfillment. I love the life I am living and all that is yet to come.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all that I have learned and how I have grown in consciousness. I appreciate the freedom to choose and the ability to choose again. I’m grateful for the bounty of this life experience.  I know that I am blessed and all is well.

So I release this prayer, knowing that even as it is spoken, it is done in the Mind of God. I accept all of this as my reality now. And so it is.