I Celebrate Life

I Celebrate Life
by Rev. Karen Linsley, M.A., Interim Minister

Today I celebrate life and Life! Lower case life as in my life. I am so grateful for multiple examples of evidence that all events in my life have always occurred for my greatest good. And that leads me to also celebrating Life, that Power that allows me to respond in ways that facilitate that greatest good, no matter what.

And so I drop into that glorious place of peace where I know that God is. It just is. Everywhere present, all good, all the time. I know that God lives and moves and has it’s being in and as and through me.

And so I speak my word today for celebration. I speak my word for party time! I speak my word for gratitude for all that has occurred and I speak my word for beautiful acceptance of all of that and more, for it is from such acceptance that I also accept my good. I receive my good today, and with that open hearted receiving I experience more and more good in my life.

I accept and know all good, all the time.

And so I release with great gratitude, knowing it is already done.

And I anchor: AND SO IT IS!