I Choose

Tilia Giron, RScP

I Choose
by Tilia Giron, RScP

I choose. I choose in this moment to be with Spirit.
I choose to be in love and in bliss.
In the peace, the utter peace, the deep resonant peacejoy
And absolute upliftment of Divine Love.

I choose this this day to flood my being
To surround me
To infill me.

To be with me,
With me
To be me.
This is my choice
And this is my joy
And this is my walk this day.

And as I choose this, I choose to be mindful of what I carry
As I step out into the world
And into a world of action, activities, congestion
And all that and more that attenuates life on this planet.
And still I choose to carry this love
This peace within me.
To be aware that it is here within and that I am here
And it is This I choose to remember.

I remember who I am and what I am
And What I carry so inlove and in light and utter peacejoy
Something even beyond joy it is that flows through
And within me as if in some indescribable delicious portal.

And so I say, Thank You.
I am grateful.
Grateful beyond words.
Grateful deep in my being and throughout my soul.

I release my word and so it is!