Lovater Jones, RScP

I Contemplate The Presence

I Contemplate The Presence
Lovater H Jones, RScP

Deeply within me, I acknowledge the Presence of all that is kind, gentle, loving and powerful. I choose to call this Presence, Spirit! It is Divine Intelligence. Guidance. Abundance. Creativity that fills my mind with awe-inspiring ideas; ideas, when coupled with conviction and belief, must come into manifestation; as that is the function of Law. I accept this Truth and in concert with the following teaching from Ernest Holmes, I declare it so!

“We must learn to go deeply into ourselves and to speak as though there were a Presence there which knows; and we should take the time to uncover this inner self, to penetrate this inner chamber of consciousness. It is most worthwhile to talk to the universal Spirit, when we talk in the right way­­ not talk AT It, talk TO It.

We should sense and feel that It is within us; that the approach of It is direct, through our own consciousness; that It is just as conscious of us as we are of It, since our consciousness of It must be, in the last analysis, and is, Its consciousness of Itself. As we recognize It, It recognizes us. As we go to meet It, It comes to meet us……..Always we are met halfway. Always the Spirit corresponds to our belief in and receptivity of It. Hence there is a Power within to which each may come, a Presence which is Light, a Spirit which is guidance. There is a Spirit which knows. This is God. This Spirit which knows, knows us. It corresponds, It responds. It flows through us. Whatever intelligence we have is It, in us.”
Ernest Holmes from “Know Yourself”

As you read and contemplate this passage; allow yourself to breathe each word into your very being. Know that it is in you, let it permeate every cell in your body, let it become a part of who and what you are. Allow it to be YOUR Truth! Know it!

Feel it! Accept it! Declare it so! And so it is!