I Express Gratitude For Freedom

Chris Duvall, RScP

I Express Gratitude For Freedom
by Chris Duvall, RScP

Who am I?  In my youth I sought an answer. Over the years I’ve answered variously, sometimes associating myself with my ancestral culture, my familial history, my religious outlook, citizenship, memberships and associations, marital status, licenses and titles, work and projects, material things, financial accounts, apparent successes or failures, my physical health, age, events happening around or to me, and my transient feelings, reactions, or judgments.

Today I answer the question differently:  I am one of the Undifferentiated Free, unified by my choice to lift my vision to face the Cause that Life is.  In identifying myself this way, I invite Divine Beneficence to melt any bonds that formed through an unknowing, downward focus of the past.  Thus I am free – released into the happiness of the present, seeing Beauty, experiencing Joy, and harvesting Abundant Life in all circumstances.

Eddie Watkins, Jr. sings his song, Free.

 “Free, free, free!  Free to let it be.  I open up my heart and let the Spirit (Music) carry me …  Free – from pain and suffering!  Free – from mistakes of the past! Free –from rage and anger! Free – from resentment! Free – from unforgiveness!  Free – from controlling judgment! Free – from things that no longer serve me! 

Notice that the freedom of which Watkins sings is related to a personal, character-building choice to open and allow the Divine to remove invisible chains, and to lift and carry released spirit.  An individual’s persistent choice to face First Cause initiates and sustains this work within the whole of Divine harmony.

As this new day begins, I express gratitude for freedom.  I thank the Cause of Life for Its continuous work of love.  I honor Its undoing power revealing free life. I plant the words, “Loving Liberty” in Law, and know that it unfolds benefiting all.