I Have Confidence In YOU

Chris Duvall, RScP

A Sharing from Chris Duvall, RScP:

I Have Confidence In YOU
by James O’Dea

(First printed: The Excellence Reporter)

You contain within you a very great story: the meaning of life is for you to remember that story; to remember that you are a powerful expression of Creation’s limitless and dazzlingly creative narrative. To be you is phenomenal and rest assured Life made no mistake when it invited you to the dance of incarnation.

You may tell yourself all kinds of things that define your inadequacy or even fantastical possible versions of you but that is to wander in a trance of wounds or in a hallucination of distraction. To be the story of you is to show up for nothing less than humanity’s epic evolutionary journey. Inflated ego and false humility are snares along
the way that trap the true self.

But you are truly ready now at this time when the Earth’s piercing cries are calling upon you to awaken. You are ready to stand in the original beauty and truth of who it is you are. For you are consciousness rising to saturate your soul, your psyche and your action with wisdom, compassion and boundless creativity to serve all life.

Even in the midst of the boisterous frequencies of greed, even when faced with fierce hatred and mindless violence or with denial of the grave jeopardy we have placed all life on Earth, you have come to this world to embody a new way of being. None of this is possible if you cannot free the quintessential essence of who it is you are.

But you were born for such a time as this. And it is because I have such confidence in you that I know we shall prevail; truth shall prevail, justice shall prevail and more than them all beauty shall prevail–
for you are with us.