Linda Martin, RScP

I invite you to use my words as your own

I invite you to  use my words as your own
Linda Martin, RScP

Linda-MartinThere is One Life, One Source…that Life I call God.  That Life is my Life now. Another word for God is good. This good permeates every living thing, animate and inanimate. It is in everything that has gone before and everything that will be…in the moon, the stars in the galaxies beyond. The aspect of God are love, peace, beauty, excellent radiant health, safety and protection, money, laughter, success and on and on and on…never ending, unlimited possibilities.

I align myself with this goodness for I’ve come from this place of mystery and it is my birthright to experience all this good. I know this is true for all reading these words for all have come from this place of goodness.

I affirm and allow good to continue to flow into my life as excellent, radiant, permanent health. Each day I awake filled with gratitude, full of energy ready to have the best day ever. I attract people, circumstances and events into my life knowing all are here in my experience to help me reach my goals and go beyond who I think I am. Limitations fall away. Worn our beliefs that do not serve me in any way, fade into nothingness.  I am filled with new thoughts about who I am and what I can experience. I attract people into my life, inspiring and supporting them to reach beyond what they know themselves to be. It is an exchange of goodness and love. Accomplishments and demonstrations of excellence are made easily as I turn within and affirm my gifts from the Universe. I know I am destined for greatness. My mind and body serve me well as I go though my days filled with deep gratitude knowing I am unlimited possibilities. Each day becomes more delicious as miracles and blessings become my normal, daily experiences.

I give thanks knowing the truth of my being as I am an individualization of the One, powerful, and magnificent, doing good for myself and others.

I let my words go now into the Law calling it good, very good. With great expectation, I accept now the miracles that are rightfully mine. And so it is!