All is Well

All Is Well
by Kathy Mathiason, RScP

I know that there is only One Love, One power, One presence in the Universe. It is the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Love of the One, the Beloved One I call God.

As God is everywhere present in the Universe, I claim that as God is, I am. There is no separation.

So, in the sacred space at this sacred time, knowing all is well, I release any fear of lack. I release all false belief I have of not having enough or not being enough. Right here and right now, I declare that I am and I have in my life all that I need and so much more. I am abundant, prosperous, self-reliant, and the love and light of God. I know and accept that I am all the qualities of God. I proclaim it, I accept it, and I receive it. So, in this present moment as I stand in the Presents of that One Great Mind, I know that all is well. My world is the World of God; my life is the Life of God. I cherish this knowledge every moment of every day. In the moment I am conscious of my thoughts and of my words. For being truly present in the moment I am aware of my God-self.

With each new day I am filled with gratitude, love and joy. Being ever present in the moment I let go and let God’s light shine through me. I know all is well. My life is perfect. I am secure. I am peaceful. And I give and receive love. By taking each moment as it comes, I feel the wife of God flowing through me, now!

I give thanks for this truth and knowledge. I release my word. And so it is.