I Know the Divine

Kamatara Johnson, RScP

I Know the Divine
by Kamatara Johnson, RScP

As I’m waking up this morning, I see the sunlight shining on my roses and sparkling through the crystal on my window, making little rainbows inside my house…and there it is.  I know the Divine.  

The dog barking outside.  My cat curled up in my lap, purring.  The birds twittering in the trees…and there it is. I know the Divine.

My children and husband getting ready in the morning for school. The bustle in the kitchen, the toaster popping, the bags packed, and the kisses good-bye to launch a great day…and there it is.  I know the Divine.

I hop on Facebook and see my friends celebrating a sweet night out, a concert, a walk in the park, a baby newly arrived, a friend recently departed…and there it is. I know the Divine.

I drive to work, cross the river in heavy traffic, and in the gridlock, I see so very many people, with so many destinations and purposes and desires…and there it is.  I know the Divine.

I open my email at work, make my phone calls, and get my to-do list cranked out, knowing that I’m helping so many people and the goodness of our work…and there it is.  I know the Divine.

I arrive home, after work, and enjoy a cookout with my family, eating on the back porch in the late sun. We share the bounty of our days and our love for each other is palpable…and there it is.  I know the Divine.

I get ready for bed and give thanks, as I’m brushing my teeth, for my health, my family, my work, and my day…for it has always been there…the Divine.  I just know it.