I Lean into Spirit

I Lean into Spirit
by Rev. Kamatara Johnson

As I breathe in and out, right here in this moment, I know this is the Divine Presence of the One Loving Source, as close as my breath, even as my breath. There is nowhere to seek It out. There is nothing to transcend. It is Spirit expressing right now, in all ways, all times, and all places.  And so I am one with the One, an expression of God-in-action.  I am connected to all that God is simply because I am.

Knowing this Divine Access to all that is God, I affirm for myself, and each person reading this prayer, a deep sense of peace in the here and now.  I release any feelings of burden, overwhelm, tension, or rush.  I lean into Spirit and allow time to slow down. I take it easy. I may have quite a few things on my plate, but I am not busy. I flow easily and effortlessly through my day from one thing to the next, mindful of what I’m doing, appreciating the opportunities, and giving thanks for the bounty that is my life. In the Divine, I persevere through the tasks which present themselves. My energy is replenished even as I expend it. I am centered in peace and grace as my week unfolds in Divine Right Order.

And I give thanks for the support of the Divine, to surrender what does not serve my best and highest good, and to step out in faith that all is well. I am grateful for this confidence, this peace of mind, and the grace that gives me the strength to persevere.  I am truly blessed in all of my affairs.

So I release this prayer to the Law, knowing it is already done and manifesting perfectly in my life now. And so it is.