I Nurture My Spiritual Growth

I Nurture My Spiritual Growth
Kathy Mathiason, RScP

Kathy Mathiason, RScP - Presence and Power of the Infinite Mind

“We are not in the process of becoming. We are in a process of being.”  ~ Raymond Charles Barker, How to be HEALTHY  WEALTHY   HAPPY

There is one Life. There is one Power. That Life is God’s life.  That Power is Divine Right Action.  It is in, through, and energizes all creation in the Universe. It is the Unconditional Love that connects everything seen and unseen to the Divine. It is ever-expanding, ever-growing, ever-evolving to newer expressions as God.

I am the right action of God, forever ready and expecting to be that crater creative expression as God. With my mind and heart wide open I have changed my ideas that I am in this world to get somewhere. It is with love and happiness that I realize I am already where I belong, where I am able to give and receive the greatest possible good for myself and others.

Right where I am and as I am, I am the perfect expression of God. With this knowledge, I am free to be all I am with ever greater achievement so that instead of looking for my good, I confidently stand in the world and demonstrated. With this new knowledge in my mind and in my heart, my life becomes richer, my thoughts and my actions are divinely led. With this clarity of who and what I am, I live my life with the Love and Wisdom of my Source. My thoughts are clear, my path is made clear of any obstacles, my actions are sparked by the Divine love in my heart. I enjoy my life more fully and with grace and ease, I am able to live in the shadows as well as the light. For I know the Divine is leading and guiding me on my path of growth.

I am so grateful that I live my life successfully by standing and growing right where I am. My life reward for living in right action is endless energy and unlimited success. I am so grateful for Divine Love and Light in my life.
I release my word into the law, knowing that as I have spoken these words it is already done. And so it is.