I Open Myself up to the Universal Peace of God

Carmella Herrera, RScP

I Open Myself up to the Universal Peace of God
A prayer by Carmella Herrera, RScP

Join me in prayer knowing that God is the Heart of all that is, always present, always providing such peace to our hearts.  Know that God is Love, Harmony and Grace.  That is the Universal Peace of God.

At times, you will find that there is a need to accept what is uncomfortable and know that God, the great comforter, is constantly with you. As you experience all manner of emotions, ready yourself to accept that by experiencing change in emotions, and accepting that God is with you, Universal Intelligence then paves the way for healing. Healing can then come forth with grace and ease.

You can choose at any given moment to surrender and give yourself over to God’s divine order. In that moment, you can release all upset as you accept the eternal process and welcome peace and harmony throughout all your experiences. There is comfort in knowing that we are all born to experience a cycle of change. 

You can, at any given moment, accept the gifts of love that always surrounds you. In the fullness of time, the expansion of your life is revealed. The space created by releasing all those thoughts of discomfort, can then be filled with a flood of love, expanding your ability to receive more and more love.  As I know this truth for myself, I know this for everyone.

I celebrate life, knowing that each person is powerful and capable to choose at any given moment. I let go, knowing that God is at the heart of all that is, and that is where one finds Universal Peace.

And so it is.