I Recognize a Masterpiece that is Me, that is You

Liza Kerr, RScP

I Recognize a Masterpiece that is Me, that is You
by Liza Kerr, RScP

There is one life, that life is God’s life, that life is my life now. I find that meditating by using this as an opening chant helps to place my life in that center of myself that is my God self. It helps me to listen to that voice that is God’s voice that doesn’t come booming from above, but is rather a whisper from within.

This whisper may be as simple as a feeling of peace, of all rightness that permeates everything.  A sense that there is good in this world, and enough for us all to share. This whisper might be expressed as intuition, or of just knowing what the next right thing to do is in any given situation.

Today I recognize that I am a creation of God’s, put here at this place and time as an expression of God. This is such an honor and I am humbled. It is easy for me to see the infinite masterpieces created by God when I am in nature. They are everywhere. Every cloudscape, flower, butterfly, landscape, tree – all of it absolutely perfect – is simply just another masterpiece. But so am I. So are you. Today I recognize the masterpiece that is me, that is you. Why is it that when people see a butterfly it is so easy to realize it’s perfection – but when we see another human being we start to judge and to compare? I find I don’t say that tree is not perfect – what was God thinking. I think they are all perfect – exactly the way that they are. It doesn’t matter if they are perfectly straight, twisted, of have fallen to the ground – they are simply perfect. Each of us is perfect too. It is our differences that make us unique, and special.

I am so grateful for all of the masterpieces that I see every day; human, animal, plant, scenery. I am so grateful to have a God that created this diversity – just for us.

I release this prayer to the law of mind knowing it cannot come back to me void. AND SO IT IS.